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Pitchforks and Pedicures

This is a ask for help.

Good morning, and thank you for reading my blog. This is an ask for help, as the support of my readers is absolutely crucial to the success of this book.

Pitchfork and Pedicures

e-book will be available as a

FREE DOWNLOAD for 24 hours only

Fri., Jan. 17 - Sat., Jan. 18

I have arranged for this purely for the benefit of my readers and their friends, should you choose to share this information.

And here is the ask, if you would like to help.

Kindly download the book. This will give you the 'verified purchaser' status. Then post your review on Amazon. Then paste and copy the same review to BookBub and Goodreads.

Five-star reviews are always appreciated (but only if you truly think so the book deserves it.)

Thank you so very much!


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