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I Love When Dreams Come True

Reading and interview with one of the new best-selling authors, Alice Feeney, recalling her memories of being a little girl, scribbling on pieces of paper, and folding them into books; well it made me smile.

Feeney's journey toward her dream is inspiring. Working for the BBC, while secretly learning the craft of fiction, struggling with rejections, yet determined to make it; it almost sounds like a modern fairy tale.

Sometimes I Lie is a captivating thriller that kept me guessing. I loved the many twists and turns, as I couldn't decide whom to trust and whom to dislike. Interesting setting, bold exploration of human psyche, scary moments that kept me going. This novel was a fun ride.

The announcement of the production of limited series based on this book is just a cherry on the sundae. I am looking forward to the spring release of I Know Who You Are, now available for pre-order.

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