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What Makes You Happy?

Our company last night was delightful. We have known this couple for over 20 years, and my husband and I had always considered them our unofficial mentors.

Over coffee our friends told us they were considering a big move – to another country. Another continent. Nothing has been decided yet, just thinking…and praying. I asked why.

They had no time for what made them happy. Working full-time, and running a business, left only a few precious hours for their passion – volunteering. We have known for several years about their work with the homeless, and seniors, but I have never considered how deep their passion ran.

To move, so that they could simplify their lifestyle, restructure the finances, and work for free? My entrepreneurial mind was spinning. Of course, the big concern was affordability.

Here comes my confession. Little words like idealist, enthusiast, and dreamer popped up in the back of my mind. But then my husband surprised me. “You have the passion,” he said, holding the gaze of his friend. “I mean it, and wish I could say the same.” I hoped for word of caution, instead he encouraged them.

Tucked in my bed, I reflected on our visit. We have had a wonderful time, good food, many laughs, and honest conversations. I’d miss them, but surely, we wouldn’t lose our connection, no matter how far apart we lived.

What did my husband say? Passion. I felt a touch of sadness. Could I rekindle the fire? Perhaps.I could pray. So, I did.

May the Lord lead us toward our true passion, His passion, placed in our hearts, and may we find the strength to let Him.

A little scared, but at peace, I felt my heart fill with sparks of new expectations. I smiled, and whispered my thanks.

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