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Books by Helena Smrcek

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Dive into a gripping tale of love, suspense, and unexpected twists in "Burning Justice," where every turn of the page leaves you on the edge of your seat.

Meet Nora Martin, a compassionate Mennonite social worker with a mission to save young men from the clutches of violence. As she prepares to open a residential facility for first-time offenders, her dreams are shattered when a mysterious stranger, Petty Officer Jacob Schwartz, storms into her life claiming ownership of her home.

Caught in a web of secrets and deception, Nora must unravel the truth behind Jacob's enigmatic presence in the tight-knit community of French Lick, Indiana. With danger lurking around every corner, Nora's only ally is her steadfast friend, FBI agent Alicia Yu. But as tensions rise and hearts entangle, Nora finds herself torn between her duty and the irresistible pull of forbidden attraction.

Can Nora uncover the secrets that threaten to tear her world apart, or will she succumb to the shadows of silence that lurk in the darkness?

Enter the dazzling world of Fort Lauderdale in "Color of Money", where the pursuit of justice intertwines with the search for redemption.

Meet Harry Regal, the epitome of success with a life most would envy. Yet, when his carefully constructed facade crumbles, Harry finds himself stripped of everything he holds dear, facing the harsh reality of homelessness.

In the heart of the city, Elizabeth Herrgott fights to preserve her downtown shelter, a beacon of hope for the homeless. But when the formidable Regal, Inc. threatens to tear down her sanctuary, Elizabeth's world is thrown into chaos.

As fate intertwines their destinies, Harry and Elizabeth embark on separate quests for solace and understanding. Amidst the chaos of their crumbling lives, they find refuge in the anonymity of online confidantes, sharing their deepest fears and aspirations with someone who listens without judgment.

Will Harry and Elizabeth find the courage to rebuild their shattered worlds, or will the city's glittering facade conceal their true desires forever? Join us on a journey where hope shines brightest in the darkest of nights.

Prepare to be captivated by the electrifying tale of intrigue and danger, where the neon lights of Las Vegas illuminate the shadows of deception and betrayal.

Join FBI Special Agent Alicia Yu as she confronts the most harrowing case of her career—a gruesome discovery in the heart of the desert, pointing to the sinister operations of a Russian human trafficking ring. As Alicia delves deeper into the investigation, she finds herself entangled in a web of secrets, with her past colliding head-on with the present.

Meanwhile, seventeen-year-old Loretta Peterson embarks on a perilous journey of her own, determined to uncover the truth behind her mother's mysterious disappearance. But as she delves deeper into the darkness surrounding her family, Loretta realizes that she may be walking into a trap set by those she least suspects.

In "Glitter and Sorrow", author Helen St. Martin weaves a spellbinding narrative of suspense and redemption, where the quest for justice leads Alicia and Loretta into the heart of Sin City's underworld. Will they emerge unscathed from the shadows that threaten to consume them, or will their pursuit of truth lead to their ultimate downfall? Brace yourself for a pulse-pounding ride through the streets of Las Vegas, where the stakes are higher than ever before.


Embark on a poignant journey of love, faith, and self-discovery in this captivating tale of resilience and redemption. "Velvet Whispers" follows Petra's courageous quest for freedom and identity amidst the backdrop of communist Czechoslovakia.

Fleeing the oppressive regime with her parents, Petra's arrival in the United States marks the beginning of an odyssey to unearth her true self. Along the way, she encounters Andy, a compassionate young missionary whose presence ignites a spark of faith and love within her.

As the winds of change sweep across her homeland during the Velvet Revolution, Petra is drawn back to confront the ghosts of her past. But with newfound convictions and a heart ablaze with hope, she grapples with the ultimate test of her faith—a choice that could jeopardize everything she holds dear, including her burgeoning love for Andy.

With every turn of the page, this story invites readers to join Petra on a soul-stirring voyage, where the echoes of the past collide with the promise of a brighter tomorrow. Will Petra find the strength to embrace her destiny and fight for the love she deserves? Dive into this tale of courage and conviction, and discover the power of the human spirit to triumph against all odds.

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Step into the world of "Pitchforks and Pedicures," where laughter, love, and life's unexpected twists await. Join Nell on her rollercoaster journey through family dynamics, career ambitions, and the quest for true happiness.


In the picturesque setting of suburban bliss, Nell and Morty seem to have it all—prosperous careers, a sprawling home, and all the trappings of success. Yet, beneath the surface, cracks begin to form in their seemingly perfect life. As Nell confronts the growing void in her marriage, she embarks on a bold and unconventional plan to reignite the spark that once bound them together.


With humor and heart, "Pitchforks and Pedicures" explores the complexities of modern relationships and the pursuit of fulfillment. Will Nell's bold move to the countryside breathe new life into their marriage, or will Morty's resistance drive them further apart? Join us on this captivating journey as Nell navigates the highs and lows of love, life, and the pursuit of happiness.

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