Contemporary Romance 

Petra's Journey


Petra defects Czechoslovakia during the mid '80s and sets out to discover her true identity, hoping to build a new life in the USA. Meeting Andy, a young American missionary, opens her heart to faith, and perhaps even to love. Is happiness finally within her reach?

After the fall of communism, Petra is free to travel back to her childhood home. She soon realizes how much her journey has changed her.
As she confronts the past, Petra struggles to hold on to her faith, knowing it may cost her everything once dear to her heart, including the love of her life. Will she find the strength to stand up and fight for what she believes? Read a sample chapter.

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Romantic Suspense Series 

Burning Justice, Book I, Alicia Yu, FBI, three-book romantic suspense series.


Nora Martin is on the verge of opening a residential facility for first-time offenders when a stranger in combat boots marches through her front door and claims to own her house. Moreover, he’s not interested in letting Nora change it.


Who is Petty Officer Jacob Schwartz, and why does no one in the close-knit town of French Lick, Indiana want to acknowledge that he exists? Suddenly, what had seemed like a safe community is now full of secrets and old heartaches, and Nora is caught in the dangerous middle.


Her only ally is her best friend, FBI agent Alicia Yu, but even Alicia can’t protect her from the way Nora’s heart races every time Jacob’s in the room. Nora and Jacob’s choices have taken them down different paths, but God may still show them a safe way back. Read a sample chapter.


Color of Money, Book II, Alicia Yu, FBI, three-book romantic suspense series.

When Fort Lauderdale experiences the real estate crash of 2008, the tables suddenly turn. Elizabeth Herrogott, a homeless shelter director faces Harry Regal once again. Are miracles possible? 
Harry Regal is the most eligible bachelor in Fort Lauderdale, with a beautiful girlfriend, a real estate business, and enough money to do whatever he wants. But what the playboy doesn’t realize is that his lifestyle is built on an illusion, and when it all comes crashing down, he finds himself with less than nothing.

Elizabeth Herrgott’s downtown shelter is making a real difference in the lives of homeless men and women—or it was until the powerful real estate company Regal, Inc. swept in and bought the property out from under her. Now Elizabeth might lose everything she cares about. Her only chance is to convince the brash, arrogant heir to the Regal empire to let the shelter stay…but Harry Regal has disappeared.

As their “real” worlds crumble around them, Elizabeth and Harry each go online to share their feelings with an anonymous friend—someone who seems to understand them better than anyone in their real lives. Read a sample chapter.


Glitter and Sorrow, Book III, Alica Yu, FBI Special.


The glitter of Las Vegas often hides pain and sorrow. Loretta Peterson confronts her family past, as she enters the dark world of human trafficking. Can Alicia Yu save her bosses daughter and resist charm? 
FBI Special Agent Alicia Yu is at the top of her career when the mutilated body of an exotic dancer turns up in the Las Vegas desert. It looks like the work of a Russian human trafficking ring, and Alicia is drawn into the investigation—and drawn back to the victim’s estranged husband, Alicia’s former FBI boss. Will their history cloud her judgment and endanger her life? 

Seventeen-year-old Loretta Peterson is restless under her father’s overprotective eye. But when a well-dressed FBI agent brings tragic news about Loretta’s mother, and then a disturbing video surfaces at her funeral, Loretta sets off on a dangerous quest for answers. Will she finally find the truth about her mother’s absent love, or will she be trapped in the same net that killed her?

To save an innocent life, Alicia and Loretta will both navigate the darkest and most dangerous corners of Sin City. Will they pay the ultimate price?

Read a sample chapter.

Non Fiction 

Kingdom beyond Borders is a collection of true stories, told by refugees—unwanted people living in extraordinarily difficult circumstances.


Helping Hands Ministry in Athens, Greece shines like a bright beacon on the long and treacherous refugee highway. There, the heroes of this book—like thousands of others—found help, acceptance, and friendship; but above all, they found the key that unlocked the secret to the Kingdom. These are their stories.


Stories with a Soul 

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Helena Smrcek, a journalist, author, and screenplay writer, believes in the power of a well-told story.



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